If your brand was a person, who would it be?

me ..and the best light of me

Please describe your best work in 3 words

brave free authentic

Most irritating practice in today’s perfumery:

being fake

Best practice in today’s perfumery:

being honest

Next perfumery trend you hope to see go away:

I don’t care about trends…sorry

Next big olfaction ingredient to keep an eye on:

idem as before

From the following social content tools, which do you think are useful for raising the right kind of brand awareness?

real lovers who spread their passion

What would you like reviewers to do LESS (or none) of?

fake reviews for having perfumes

In ONE WORD, who’s your perfect buyer?

curious, interested, critic

If you could perfume a song, what song would that be?

I did a perfume from a song, La Cura by Franco Battiato

Interview concept by Nas de Nas

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