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Why there are now two brands on the market: Mendittorosa Odori d’Anima and Talismans Collezione Preziosa?

Mendittorosa Odori d’Anima is a brand telling stories of dualities and changes, those fragrances are interrelated – at the moment Mendittorosa’s portfolio is divided into Trilogy, The Duo and Time Without Time collections. We have decided to give Talismans Extraits (Le Mat, Sogno Reale, Nettuno and Osang)separate independent  life in the form of truly premium brand carrying powerful messages.  Both lines are equally unique, with small batches, hand-made details and carefully controlled production process.

I have noticed Le Mat, Sogno Reale and Nettuno available both in wooden Mendittorosa boxes and big Talismans cases. Is there any difference between those scents?

These three Extraits belong to the Talismans  Collezione Preziosa which at the end received separate life as new brand. Fragrances are definitely the same and wooden Mendittorosa boxes will be gradually replaced by this new, luxurious and also hand-made Talismans outer packaging.

I have seen online different bottles (caps, plates etc.) for Trilogy, Sogno Reale and Osang. Why?

Both Mendittorosa and Talismans show unique approach: the power to change and transform. Some small packaging details can change, like caps, materials, shapes and forms. Scents will always remain the same, while decoration can presented in newer version using talents of new artists and artisans. Our E-Boutique offer the current portfolio of products while the other ones become truly vintage, collectable pieces.

Where are your scents produced, is there any chance to visit your atelier, or laboratory?

We have Atelier in Naples, Italy – please inform us if you want to meet us, as visits are strictly by appointment only. Regarding production – both collections are composed by the best Italian and French perfumers and later macerated and bottled in Italy in our small laboratory. Since we are using various noses who translate our visions into fragrances, we cannot provide customized scents, moreover lab’s visit is also not possible due to safety and security reasons.

Where can I find your fragrances?

Mendittorosa and Talismans collection are available in the carefully selected niche boutiques, concept stores, jewels shops all over the world. Those places carry either one, or both lines depending on the shop’s style and vision. For detailed information, contact us directly via email, or through our social media channels. We always recommend our e-boutique with free shipping and many online-exclusive items and sampling options.

I have purchased your scent and the colour is different from my previous bottle – why?

We never use colourants, so small colour changes can occur due to the origin of raw materials and maceration process. It does not affect the scent itself: it will always smell in the same, precious way.

Do you offer smaller sizes of your scents?

We consider our 100ml bottles as art pieces which can last with you for a long time. However, Talismans are available online-only as refillable Pocket Sprays. At the moment, we do not plan to introduce other fragrances in that size.

How much is the shipping of products purchased in your e-boutique and what shipping method do you use?

We are one of the very few companies witch charge a very small shipping contribution. The other part of the costs is on us. Shipping method of full size bottles varies from your country and area – we always try to find customized method (companies as GLS, FedEx, DHL, or Poste Italiane), so our scents can reach you in the fastest, most effective way.

Is there possibility to deduct VAT in case of non-EU purchases?

Unfortunately, due to our company status, we do not provide those deductions. Please consider our free shipping as the precious gift from us which can make up for this situation.

Can you send me free samples?

Unfortunately, we do not provide free samples for both lines. However, we encourage you to try our online-exclusive Discovery Sets and Pocket Talismans to find your new favorite. Additionally, many of those sets come with 10 % off VIP vouchers for your next full bottle purchase. Regarding press/blogs sample inquiries – please contact us directly to discuss more details.