1. Go green

Mendittorosa Shippings Standards

We should all be aware of what we are doing. We Always try. Even in the choice of international couriers.
Managing an online boutique means increasing traffic by road and by air directly and indirectly, this without a shadow of a doubt: it can neither be hidden nor denied. But by knowing it and managing it with awareness, you can, first of all compensate, but also manage it in a conscious way. There are many ways to do it.
Consciousness and honesty help in this. The choices of shipping partners must absolutely not be based on savings, on the contrary, one must carefully analyze the profile of one’s partners and be extremely sure of their company policies even if this means having higher shipping rates. For this, we have also chosen DHL GoGreen, DHL’s CO2 neutral shipping method.

To offset the CO2 emissions associated with shipping logistics, certified climate protection projects are supported around the world. For offsetting emissions, DHL is supporting certified projects that benefit the planet and local communities. This way, GoGreen neutral shipments don’t just offset emissions. On the contrary, they help promote the economy in less developed countries and improve the lives of the people who live there.

In the 2022 Mendittorosa offset a total of
16,279.40 kg CO2e
DHL GoGreen Certificate 2022 (PDF)
In the 2023 Mendittorosa offset a total of
9,155.00 kg CO2e
DHL GoGreen Certificate 2023 (PDF)

* CO2e: The CO2 equivalents for our emissions offset include carbon dioxide (CO2) as well as further GHG emissions such as methane (CH4).

Find out more about DHL GoGreen here

2. Tree-Nation

A new tree on the Planet for every purchase in our Boutique online

After so much destruction of trees everywhere on the planet we still don’t recognize the big value trees have. Between a tree and a new commodity or machine, Mendittorosa chooses a tree.

We love them, and that’s why we have decided to connect with people, who are trying to give life to new trees and plant new trees. Mendittorosa is now working together with  Tree Nation. For each online order we receive we parent a new tree life…and no, it is not an extra charge on you. It’s our decision to donate this money for a better planet, and in this way we renounce to a part of what else would have been our profit.

Our forest: tree-nation.com/profile/le-monde-srls

Read more: tree-nation.com

3. Our Packaging

Not many slogan but lot of facts, in our packaging, conceived to be reused many times.

No plastic, no cellophane since the beginning. But wood and paper instead. Our flacons are all 100 ml instead of 30 or 50. They last longer and are therefore better for the environment. Our wooden boxes are thought to be given a second life in your home to contain things for instance on your desk or in the kitchen.

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4. Daymon Voice

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5. Cruelty Free

Mendittorosa is Cruelty Free. Certified by ICEA Italy on behalf of the international Committee Leaping Bunny and LAV.

Read more: Icea.bio

6. Our heart beats Vegan

But we need to say that we have a coral stone inside Osang flacon and that we use silk ribbons on Sogno Reale and Sirio. Wool on Le Mat and Daymon. All the other creations are Vegan.

Please visit also our Daymonilia Jewelry store, for discovering our Vegan Project.

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7. Mendittorosa and

LAV is the most serious and engaged Italian NGO in defense of Animal rights and more.

We are happy to support their beautiful projects:

– Scientific Research without Animal Testing.
– Land Shelters where Animals can live after being rescued from humans and get their dignity back.

More to come…

8. Mendittorosa and

Mendittorosa supports a niche “evolutiion” project focused on the education of human Adults.

The project wants to give a new approach to life and points of view. To enhance the contemplative mind. To encounter the silence and to step away from the violence of everyday life.

Read more: ilcentrotempiourbano.com