Odori d’Anima Mini Set


A set created for emotional explorers. Ten profound stages through the soulful Mendittorosa creations.

Discover the Time without Time of Archetipo, celebrate the Rituale and soothe your thoughts with Lacura. Take yourself from North to South searching for beginnings and ends, Alfa and the Omega, the ID inside. Explore how a poem can be transformed in a perfume with Ithaka, Orlo and Albatros.

In this set you will find some small cards and footprints of memory left by the creator to accompany you on your sensory journey as your search for your perfect scent.

In this set: 11 x 1.6 ml glass vials of:

Archetipo 1.6ml Extrait
Rituale 1.6ml Extrait
Lacura 1.6ml Extrait
Alfa 1.6ml EDP
Omega 1.6ml EDP
ID 1.6ml EDP
North 1.6ml EDP
South 1.6ml EDP
Ithaka 1.6ml EDP
Orlo 1.6ml EDP
Albatros 1.6ml EDP

We handcraft every SET every time, and we like to ad personal touches inspired from your order, so what you will receive might be little different form the pictures.

Set 11 x 1.6 ml
Available on mendittorosa.com only

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