Essential, rich, and wild, ID is the dark passion that drives us towards our dreams. Inspired by the local’s nickname for the volcano that towers over the island of Stromboli – Iddu. ID is an olfactory dedication to the fiery being that first breathed Mendittorosa into life. Impassioned and untethered, its iris heart awaits beneath volcanic sediments of violet, iris and oud. Overdose of labdanum gives ID truly niche and raw character.
Stefania Squeglia’s vision, Amélie Bourgeois (Flair Paris) formula.

Eau de Parfum 20%
100ml/ 3.4 fl OZ Natural Spray

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Olfactory pyramid

Head Notes: Ravensara
Heart Notes: Clove, Nutmeg, Iris, Violet, Jasmine, Saffron, Carnation
Base Notes: Birch, Labdanum, Siam Benzoin, Ceylon Cinnamon, Ambroxan, Oud, Precious Woods, Indonesian Patchouli, White Musk


Alfa, Omega and Id – Because in opposites we find balance, they have been created not just to complement each other, but to complete our journey. The beginning (Alfa) and the end (Omega) as two faces of the same coin. Eternal creation (Id) – pure  energy of Stromboli’s Iddu volcano. The Trilogy compositions are meant be worn both solo, or to be layered to achieve unique, truly personal effect.


Same integral symbols for all three scents, same passion and power. Juices are guarded in a heavy, French-made glass bottle with heavy metal, heart-shaped caps with silver, raw finish. Names of fragrance appear on metal plates on natural cord hand-attached by Italian artisans. Every detail is checked to ensure the highest quality of products.
Bottle is protected by an handcrafted wooden box – signature symbol of all Mendittorosa scents, licensed replica of art pieces transport boxes created by Tuscan sculptor and artist Alessandro Reggioli.

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Dan W. - Chicago, USA


“It is generously spicy with some nice florals. Deep and exotic smelling. Extremely unisex and versatile” Read more

Albert - Tyler, USA

ID - Rituale

“I find myself into mystical sufi dimensions of spirituality in ID or RITUAL” Read more

Irfan - Pakistan