Mendittorosa turns its vision
and inspiration towards scents of ambiance:
Mendittorosa has created a limited collection of three
elegant perfumes for the intimacy of home.

Stanze in Italian means room, but it is also a word internationally used for a certain composition and form in music. As music these scents will surround your private and personal space to bless and focus your attentions on the real importance in your life.

Stanza OM – when it is time to meditate, to pray, to make yoga and to contemplate while watching the sky or the flames in the fireplace.
Deep energy and rebuilding of strength.
Spices and woods to fill your senses.

Stanza ORO – when it is time to work, to think, to write,
to make art, to inspire or be inspired.
Nutritious and full of Safran.

Stanza GIOCHI – when it is time to play, to relax, to read
or enjoy a movie alone or in company of loved ones
be that humans or animals.
Free and full of light with lots of flowers and colour.




is the new and second work of our Versi Studio in the Odori d’Anima Collection. Eau de Parfum 20%.
It is our tribute to Sylvia Plath. One of the most extraordinary women poets of 20th century.

the new and third member of Extreme Talismans in the Talismans Collection of Mendittorsa. Extrait de Parfum 35%.
One word to describe it: Splendour!



Daymon is coming in the Odori d’Anima Collection.
Eau de Parfum 20%.

Daymon is an Odori d’Anima project. It stands alone
outside the other duo or trilogies. Daymon is made
out of our respect and love for animals. A smell of joy
and presence. It is an animal guide in human
life and vice versa. A totem perfume.

Daymon is made to celebrate that Mendittorosa has been worldwide certified to be cruelty free by Leaping Bunny and LAV in Italy. We and our suppliers do not use animal testing or ingredients that have been tested on animals. Mendittorosa has chosen total respect for animals over anything else. We did this to help the fight against a practice in the perfume and cosmetic industry that hurts animals and gives them pain.

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