Every day Mendittorosa receives between one and ten requests from people, who would like to have perfumes for free. They say, that they would like to make some kind of review on various media or platforms. Some would like a perfume just for posting a picture on social media.

Many of these requests seem just copies or standard requests. They look almost like spam mail. Others seem real. And finally, there are also some people known to us, who are genuinely interested and niche perfume lovers.

But for all of them our answer is the same:

Thank you, but we have too much respect for our ART to use our creations to give them away for free. Furthermore, we have too much respect for all our customers and lovers round the world. They are using hundreds of euros to buy one of our creations. They wait patiently sometimes for months before they receive their fragrance due to our limited production and being a company of small scale. So, of course it is impossible for us to send perfumes to people contacting us for having one or more bottles for free. It is simply not possible. And how somebody could imagine this goes beyond our comprehension.

We are not in any way irritated or bothered by these approaches, but they have reached a level, where we think, it is appropriate to explain ourselves, so they perhaps better understand our way. Our creations. Our art. And hopefully gradually will learn to respect our decision and way of making unique fragrances for the world.

Being a small niche perfume producer is a balance of passion and economy, so also from this aspect, we cannot give away all this perfume.

We must insist that everybody contributes to the survival of these perfumes by buying their fragrance. Even if you want to make a review or share your opinion of our Art, which we always encourage, as we love to share on a true basis, because people really want to participate in spreading the knowledge about Mendittorosa.

We know of course, that other brands have another approach to this. Their big exposure seems some times to be almost overexposed and could be explained by that. But this is not our way, or something we will comment.

Just for the record as we like to be honest and tell the truth: During almost 7 years of brand history we have made around 10 gifts of our creations. Not in exchange of something, but just as recognition of a special friendship and gratitude.

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