In perfumery…

Why some fragrances houses have always used trasparent glass flacons and they will continue to do it, while some others just don’t ?

The glass transparency allows to look trough, to evaluate also the colors of the juice, to give a color to the odor. A good quality of transparent glass allows our two senses: the olfaction and the sight to play together, to help each other in creating the proper emotion.

A perfume could be opaque, or containing dusts or some deposits on the bottom of the bottle. To avoid these kind of imperfections proper maceration time, care and proper filtering process are necessary (better if hand made one by one).

We always show juice’s color – sometimes darker, sometimes lighter for the same reference of creation, all depending on raw materials and their “life” status. But always without colorants.

For us transparency is important. Not just in metaphorical meaning.

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