Le Mat and Tarot Cards

I was buying perfumes and reading his books, as almost of all of real perfumes lovers did.

Buying and reading. Reading and buying.

Then I moved to the other side: the creator’s one.

And then 2 years ago, Le Mat got five stars on his blog.

Now the travelling Talismans, the powerful rose of Le Mat is also in his top ten (the retro one).

What to say… it’s not my style to say how, where, and who is writing about my ART.

But Luca Turin is on the another level.

There is no prize that in my heart has the equal value.

Proud. Happy. Fulfilled. Free.

Talismans forever.

Le Mat and Tarot Cards
Le Mat details: the little belt
Le Mat and Tarot Cards
Le Mat in black and white
Luca Turin book cover
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