Osang – one of the most luxurious creations of Mendittorosa – has for more than five years now infatuated perfume niche lovers around the world with its intriguing and overwhelming composition. A worthy homage to pulsating and inspiring Naples and the saint of the city, San Gennaro.

Do you know the story behind Osang, which means blood in Neapolitan slang? Here it is:

Three times a year Naples gathers in and outside the cathedral. They cram together in coffeeshops to see the news on television. Everything comes to a standstill in these sacred and solemn moments, when San Gennaro hopefully again renews his bond with Naples and his blood in the flacon is exposed in front of thousands of citizens and faithful worshippers. Each time everybody hopes that it liquifies again to promise good health, love and prosperity.

Every year on the Saturday before the first Sunday in May, on September 19 and December 16, you can participate in the miracle even if you are not in Naples. Spray Osang on your body and rejoice with everybody else about this marvel of liquefaction.

The second rite of the yearly blood liquefaction, and perhaps the best known, is on September 19, the anniversary day of the beheading of the young bishop that was only 33 years old. It happened in Pouzzoli just outside Naples. Today his sacred blood remains inside the cathedral of Naples. Carefully guarded and in the presence of the cardinal, the civil authorities and the faithful, after the ritual prayers, the miracle is breathlessly awaited. Every time.

Mendittorosa itself has a deep bond with the city of Naples. And since Mendittorosa has chosen to speak with perfume instead of words. To talk and to share in honesty and freedom. Osang says: I love you, Naples. I also belong to you, and, above all, also when I reject you. Coming back to you seems like going back and rejuvenate. Everything regenerates and perhaps the circle closes? This is the intimate meaning of Osang. A refined and powerful invitation. A mysterious and not easy way to read perfume. Try to meet Naples and its symbols out of the ordinary. Naples, as a demiurgic power. Naples, where the hidden truth of shadows can be found by olfaction.

In recent years Osang has spoken and intrigued perfume enthusiasts from all over the world. Indeed, in 2018 it was among the finalists at the Olfaction Award in the independent category.

The text that accompanies the perfume reads, not surprisingly:

Naples Anno Domini 2017

A miracle of love is born: OSANG.

Love for Naples, its saints and its stories, made up of the sacred and the profane, of lights and shadows, of mysteries and prodigious beauty.


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