About Shipping


Q. How long time does it take to prepare a shipping?

A. Minimum 24 h. Maximum 14 working days from order reception. Standard average time is 4-5 working days. In some special cases we will personally inform you about the extra time needed to ship the order, and if you will not eventually agree on that, we will refund your order.

Q. Which shipping method are you using?

A. We work with professional trustable couriers operating by truck or plane.

Out of Europe: DHL and EMS.

In Europe: GLS and DPD and DHL.

In Italy: GLS and BRT.


Q. What is the shipping contribution you charge?

A. We call it “contribution”, because it is half of the shipping costs, we pay to ship to you. Normally companies charge the total shipping costs, but we like the idea to make half way toward you.


Q. What about taxes, custom fees or value added tax. Are they included in what we pay?

A. VAT is included in the final prices we show online. We prepare regular invoices, transportation documents and export declaration. Normally our door to door shipping costs are including taxes. If there is a special custom regulation in your country, your purchase doesn’t cover these additional taxes and fees that will be applied and charged once the parcel arrives in your country and destination.


Q. Do you ship to Russia?

A. Yes. Even if normally is a little complicated, we can do it. If you need more details about it: write to info@mendittorosa.com we answer within 24 h.


Q. Do you ship to India?

A. Yes. Even if normally is a little complicated, we can do it. If you need more details about it: info@mendittorosa.com we answer within 24 h.


Q. Do you ship to Mainland China?

A Yes. Even if normally is a little complicated, we can do it. If you need more details about it: info@mendittorosa.com we answer within 24 h.


Q. To which countries do you ship?

A. Everywhere in the world. There are countries, to which we have not yet tried to ship. But if the need arises, we will do our best to succeed. Write to info@mendittorosa.com for specific information on your country. We answer within 24 h.


Q. Is it possible to have a tracking?

A. Yes, every order is trackable.


About Perfumes and Production


Q. Do you offer discovery sets?

A. Yes, we have discovery sets in our online shop of the two collections Odori d’Anima and Talismans. We also have somewhat larger samples, which can also be used for travel or outside your home. These we call Pocket Set. See more here (mettere i vari  link)


Q. Is it possible to compose a sample set as I want instead of buying what you offer online?

A. Yes, now you can do it using the Mini Self Service Bar. See more here (mettere link)


Q. What do you mean, when you define your perfume as Extrait?

A. When the perfume has an oil concentration of 25% or more, we call them Perfume or  Extrait de Perfum.


Q. Which concentration is your Eau de Perfum?

A. All the creations we call Eau de Parfum has a concentration around 20%


Q. What does it mean, that Osang and Talento are Super Extrait?

A. Osang and Talento are Super Extrait because the concentration of oils here are around 30%. They are the most concentrated perfumes, we have made.


Q. Do you use preservative or additions in the perfumes such as paraben, silicone or any chemical preservative?

A. No, we don’t add or use any of this, and we are totally against this.


Q. Do you add colours to the perfumes or change them?

A. No, we love the natural colour of the oils and the result that comes out of our process. Actually, each time the perfumes come out a little different, because the natural ingredients change due to the weather and the time of extractions. We create with natural ingredients that change. We also choose to have clear bottles, so you can actually see the difference, if you have more bottles of the same perfume.


Q. Do you make 50 ml or 30 ml?

A. No, we only produce 100 ml bottles. The discovery sets are 1,6 ml. Pocket is 7,5 ml.


Q. How many perfumes do you produce every year?

A. Mendittorosa production is very small and limited, but Mendittorosa distribution is worldwide online and in selected stores and boutiques.


Q. Where are Mendittorosa creations made?

A. Mendittorosa creations can be defined as 100 % Italian, and not just because the last touch is made in Italy. Each Odori has been conceived in Italy. From Italy the creation process starts and eventually here they see the light as finished perfumes. The flacons come from a glass factory in France, the oils from Grasse (the Capital of Perfumes) or Milan. The fillings of the flacons and the maceration of the oils is made in Italy. Charms, ornaments and caps are and made in Italy by our handpicked artists. The same goes for the boxes that are handmade in Italy. The whole conditioning process is handmade in Italy. As for the Discovery Sets and Pocket Sets they are lovingly put together by the creator herself before sent off. So truly Italian they are. To know more go to https://www.mendittorosa.com/news/mendittorosa-design-signature/


Q. Is it true Mendittorosa 100 % hand craft each perfume?

A. Yes see more https://www.mendittorosa.com/news/mendittorosa-design-signature/


Q. Do you use natural oils

A. Yes


Q. Do you use chemical oils

A. Yes


Q. Do you use exclusively natural oils?

A. No, we some time need to blend chemic and natural to achieve our complex scented visions. And some oils you can only have today as chemical or synthetic, because the extraction of the natural ones are forbidden.


Q. Do you use more natural or chemical materials?

A. The average balance is around 50 %, but it depends on each creation, and in particular it depends on the olfactive project. In order to reach a specific result, sometimes more chemical oil is mandatory. We like nature, but the blending of natural and chemical oils is able to gift us with some of the best olfactive emotions ever.



Returning Policy


Q. What if I regret my order?

A. If you change your mind after you have placed your order and payed for it, you have to inform us quickly. If it’s still possible to stop the shipping, we do it and then refund of your money will be immediate.


Q. What is your returning policy?

A. If you change your mind upon receiving your perfume, you can still have a refund. To obtain your refund you simply have to send the parcel back without opening it. Of course, we need to receive it in the same conditions, we sent it to you. Consider please that our flacons are very precious and fragile. Because of the preciousness of our perfumes we urge you to handle it delicately.


Q. If I decide to return a purchase, who has to pay the shipping costs?

A. Once we will receive the perfume back, and if there are no damages, we refund what you paid for your purchase. We do not however refund, what you paid for sending it back to us.




Q. How do I find a perfume shop that has Mendittorosa creations on stock?

A. Please write to info@mendittorosa.com and tell us which country and city you are in. We will answer in 24 h providing you with the nearest shop address and contact information. If we don’t have a retailer in that area, we will propose you several different options to make your wish of our Odori real.


Q. If I write to info@…who will answer to me?

A. The creator herself.


Q. Do you give sample for free for review or social actions?

A. No, sorry, we cannot.


Q. Do you have a flagship store?

A. Mendittorosa is a small niche brand, so we don’t have a flagship store or shops. What we do have is Mendittorosa Atelier located in Naples in the Vomero area. This is the heart of Mendittorosa, and we do receive perfume aficionados on appointment. Please write to info@mendittorosa.com to set your personal visit inside one of the most exclusive and personal perfume ateliers in the world.



A. It is my belief about my creations and my work. The manifesto is the basis and ethics from which I started out and will never change. Mettere link


Q. Is your production and ingredients cruelty free?

A. Yes, it is 100 % cruelty free in every single piece or part. We are in the process of having international recognition of this. It will be a bliss and an honour for us in this way to share and proof our love for those beautiful creatures that all the animals are.


Q. Are Mendittorosa Creations Vegan?

A. No, we cannot define them as vegan, but 100 % cruelty free.