Italian dark glass bottle
Plastic spray
100 ml

  • Pure Manipure: Natural Alcohol + Natural Vera Lavender Oil (Demeter Bio)
  • Extra Pure Manipure: Natural Alcohol + Extract Taif Rose Oil
  • Extra Strong Manipure : Natural Alcohol + Natural Tea Tree Oil
  • Extra Care Manipure: Natural Alcohol + Natural Siam Benzoin Oil 15 %
  • Cruelty free Leaping Bunny Approved
  • Packaging 100% recyclable
  • No dyes
  • A new tree on the Planet for every purchase in our Boutique online.
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WARNING – only for external use and on intact and not damaged skin.
Absolutely do not ingest! The alcohol in MANIPURE is packaged to destroy bacteria, not your health !!!!
MANIPURE is really efficient to completely disinfect and clean the hands of pathogenic bacteria.
But this is not the solution for everything.
Remember ALWAYS that the protection against infection, virus, and bacteria is the responsibility of every single individual and consists of all the efforts possible in order to respect other people.

I started composing these portable cruets for myself and my loved ones. They are based on my knowledge and my lack of confidence in the available market products in general.

I think that only good and undiluted alcohol has a real cleaning effect and gives you a real protection. I also felt the need to strip this creation of all neurotic implications and to free it from bad and penetrating disinfectant and hospital smells. I wanted to make it a pleasant fragrance. An important tool or companion – a welcome ritual in my daily life.

Driven by my particular and aesthetic sense, I wanted a single antidote ready for all eventualities. I sprinkle of course my hands, but eating out also my cutlery, glass and return money. Sometimes also my clothes and mask. The list is long.

I was from the beginning convinced by the importance of making this cruet with a spray, because only a good spray covers the surface in an effective and thorough way. Try it for yourself on the nails or between the fingers, which afterwards will dry quickly.


The MANIPURE hands purification of Mendittorosa is made of:

Neutral ethyl alcohol from beet molasses, compliant with the C.E.E. 110/2008 for food use and the European Pharmacopoeia, Kosher certified.

We chose not to use synthetic alcohol in our creation, and furthermore to not denature it, if the alcohol is not denatured, it can also be ingested. Meaning that you can use it even more, for instance on your hands and other areas. Even on cutlery and food. It is equally effective and pleasant on fabrics, linen and pillows.

It does not attack intact and undamaged skin. It does not alter your sense of smell. MANIPURE is without dilutions and chemical additives. It evaporates in 12 seconds, and at 96 degrees it has an effective antiviral and antibacterial effectiveness. The evaporation is speedy and practical, but the alcohol does not leave without having fully carried out its purifying function.

Our addition of precious natural organic oils makes it not only pleasant but also the bearer of important aromatherapeutic effects that lingers. In this too, we have decided to make a difference.

The philosophy of Mendittorosa is always to give attention not only to the content but also to the container. MANIPURE comes in a specially conceived dark glass aromatherapy bottle decorated in gold with the HAMSA symbol.

HAMSA symbolism

The use of the Hamsa dates back to ancient Mesopotamia (today’s Iraq). Even at that time it was a universal sign of protection and was used to make amulets.

HAMSA is an accessory with the shape of a hand with five fingers. The index and ring fingers have the same length and are attached to the slightly longer middle finger. On the sides of the amulet we find the two thumbs tilted outwards and with the same dimensions. In most cases the HAMSA is decorated with special engravings. One of the most characteristic is the one with an open eye in the palm of the hand itself.

The position chosen for the HAMSA also gives it a different meaning. For example, if it is positioned downwards it serves to attract love, patience and luck. When it is positioned upwards it is a symbol of power, strength and blessing.

The open hand is known and used as a sign of protection. It is believed to help in the defense against the evil eye believed to be capable of causing disease, death and bad luck. The HAMSA represents the blessings, power and positive force of good and thus protects against jealousy, bad influences and negative thoughts of others.

Its esoteric meaning is linked to the ancient female divinities, and this makes it particularly dear to women from all over the world coming from all cultures and religions, who wear them both as a love amulet or simply as a good luck charm.