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“As complementary, North and South behave differently on the skin; North is more dense, mysterious and engaging. Its smell makes me think of lavender, in a green floral touch of fruity nuances, with a bright aroma of aldehydes and a warm ambery base of mineral and woody nuances. At first North starts with that green, aromatic and slightly floral tone, dominated by what seems to me a special lavender accord, devoid of the more functional side that this note can have. It gains a spicy and minty side that form an interesting contrast, one with with hints of an amber incense aroma that will come soon after. (…) South, as it was expected, is more delicate, open and more direct aroma in its execution. (…). As well as North, South is also dominated by a woody theme, however the delicate creaminess of sandalwood which seems very natural and very harmonic.(…)Ó,