Stanza OroStanza Oro



Stanza Oro – when it is time to work, to think or to be creative. The choice when you want to be focused, to inspire or be inspired. Nutritious and full of Saffron.

12% | 700ml

  • TOP NOTE: Lavender (Natural) and Ylang Ylang (Natural)
  • HEART NOTE: Saffron Styrax (Natural)
  • BASE NOTE: Blend Liquid Gold, Peru Balm (Natural), Virginian Cedar Wood (Natural) and Vetiver (Natural)
[+] Ingredienti/allergeni

  • Cruelty free Leaping Bunny Approved
  • Vegan Heart 100%, PACKAGING and INGREDIENTS
  • Packaging 100% reciclabile
  • Nessun colorante
  • Un nuovo albero sul Pianeta per ogni acquisto online.
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The precious flacons are made by the Italian glass manufacturer Luigi Bormioli.
The family has been dedicated to the art of glass-making
for some twenty-five generations. Since the 16th century they have strived to obtain ultra-high quality as to transparency and brilliance. They represent the top choice for Mendittorosa to carry Stanze. Mendittorosa imagined our perfume to radiate beautifully trough the twisted form of the glass. The cap is shaped in the marble like appearance with fine lines indicating the readiness of breaking out of our Home Spirits. The signature emblem with different surfaces makes each of the three Stanze stand out for itself. Stanze comes with special Italian made beech wood sticks taken from sustainable forestry FSC certified and not with bamboo or rattan sticks as you often see. Arrange the sticks like flowers in the flacon. They will absorb the nectar and add a new dimension to your rooms – Stanze – in Italian. Turn the sticks upside down every now and then to add fresh fragrance to your air. Stanze will arrive in boxes that protect our Home Spirits Collection. They are designed and hand made for Mendittorosa by small Italian producer specialized in the art of creating natural and exclusive packaging.

From the beginning we decided to give Stanze a packaging that can be reused in your home. Don’t throw them out. Invent yourself the reuse of the box, the cap and the flacon. They are made in their splendour for reuse and a long afterlife.

Every single piece has been chosen and made to furnish your space. Mendittorosa wanted to give not only the right smell for the moment but also a pleasure to the eye, a nice feeling to touch and something to see and to use again and again. Time after time.