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Talismans Drops



Your private access to the Talismans’ Power. First, simple step to discover our three precious Talismans Collezione Preziosa Extraits de Parfum:

Each Discovery Set contains three 1.4ml sample vials of Le Mat, Sogno Reale and Nettuno Extraits de Parfum. Handmade and handpacked, presented in Italian envelope. *
Includes greetings from the Founder and additional materials to inspire you during your personal discovery… original Le Mat Tarot Card, Sogno Reale Mandala and Nettuno “Neptune’s flight” poem.

To discover OSANG please order the separate
OSANG Pocket

*Examplary picture – due to handmade preparation, some small packaging details may vary

Talismans Drops Set 3 x 1,4ml. Online-exclusive.
Extraits de Parfum, Unisex

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