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“And as the fiery Sirius alters hue,
And bickers into red and emerald…”
From “The Princess”
by Alfred Lord Tennyson

Extrait de Parfum 25%
100ml/ 3.4 fl OZ Natural Spray

Back-order. Due to truly high demand and very small, artisanal production, your precious order will be shipped in 30-40 days. Purchase it now to become one of the first perfume lovers who get the new batch.



Where do we come from?

Where are we going?

What if Sirius has the answer.

The brightest star in the known Universe has always been the focus of esoteric studies and those searching for answers to eternal questions.

Sirio is the secret destination of an enchanted path. Another strength of gravity. Ascending from the Garden of Eden to the Stars above.

Sirio evokes a journey from Earth to this mysterious paradise with the ambrosial booziness of forbidden fruits. The unexpected addition of White Musk in the head notes makes the perfume feel more full-bodied while a protective woody-gourmand base prolongs the mysterious carnal essence of Sirio.


Amélie Bourgeois (Flair Paris)

Head Notes

Rhubarb, Apple, White Musk

Heart Notes

Rose, Peony, Plum

Base Notes

Guaiac, Cashmeran, Oud, Vanilla, Amber Wood

SIRIO Packaging

The potion juice is guarded in a heavy French-made glass bottle which cap is made of a piece of star moulded by the hands of a Tuscan sculptor Alessandro Reggioli.
Around the bottle, there is a pendant as another memory and fragment of a never lost  brightness.
The bottle is hidden in the luxurious hand-made case, along with the inspiration bookmarks illustrated by Massimo Alfaioli.

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A delicious perfume, refined and sophisticated... A breath of Spring…

A delicious perfume, refined and sophisticated... A breath of Spring…