Mendittorosa and Talismans together with Artists,
Writers and Perfume Lovers from all over the world


A universe of fragrances and images

Massimo Alfaioli

illustrator and perfume enthusiast

I immediately loved Stefania’s perfumes.
They are rich, complex, finely built and so modern.
They reconnect me with the past and project me into the future.
Each of Stefania’s creations is a universe in itself in which it is nice to get lost and where inspiration is nourished.
Mine is a creative work, and needs inspiration as a starting point.
Inspiration can come from everything, from a book, from a person we meet on the street, from a movie.
When it comes from a perfume, for me it’s a magical moment, because it combines two of my great passions.
Every time I smell one of Stefania’s fragrances, a universe of images flourishes in my mind and I believe this can only happen when you put your soul into what you do.
And Stefania certainly does …

This is why it is really exciting for me to collaborate with Mendittorosa and Talisman.
Ithaka was our last adventure together, and follows Sirio and Osang.
With this gallery I would like to complete my tribute to this precious universe built by Stefania.

Le mat

Woman / Man
Green eye / Blue eye
Helichrysum coulored lips
The fool have no rules or may be he has his own rules.
Just let yourself be guided by his intuition.
Contrasts will find new balances and you’ll discover an alternative universe made of light and harmony.


It stands at the centre of a nebula full of peace and beauty.
Stars and planets are seduced by its mesmerizing scent.
You can’t call it simply a rose, it’s much more than this.

Sogno reale

Everything is wrapped in a golden light.
Finally safe, finally in peace, finally loved.


Back to the origins.
Back to the authentic and intense scents that have always been part of us.
No other bond is as strong as it is.


I am awakened by a light so intense that make everything look immaculate.
I have never been so happy.


I’m going through coral forest guided by mother of peral lights.
Everything bring me back to you, Ithaka.


Images inspired by the odours
of Mendittorosa Odori D’Anima
& Talismans Collezione Preziosa

Pictures by Alex Musgrave

Instagram: everdandysilverfox

Mirrorborn is a unique photographic interpretation of perfume. I was invited by Stefania Squeglia, the brand owner and creative force behind Mendittorosa Odori D’Anima and Talismans Collezione Preziosa to re-imagine the her passionate collections of fine eaux de parfums and extraits through my olfactive and visual filters.

When I critique or photograph perfume I try to communicate visually or in prose how it smells; the mood of the thing, its personality. Years of working in the perfume trade and an obsession for words and strange beauty have made me fascinated with communicating the poetic emotion of scent, its oddity and its ability to raise unexpected guests and ghosts.

Mirrorborn is a series of reflective portraits of Stefania’s collaborative collections, her intriguing work with talented perfumers, artisan crafts people, ceramicists, writers, jewelers and illustrators.  I wear the fragrances continually; they are part of my tapestry, threaded through my days and nights. Le Mat was my first love, decadent profound roses, soaked sensually in chewy patchouli.  Now I have them all, each of them unique, addictive and a joy to photograph. I hope you all enjoy my photographs and hopefully sense a little of my madness, the fever I have from inhaling such strange craftsmanship and beauty in scent.

Alex Musgrave, The Silver Fox
Photographer and Scentwriter