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Mendittorosa Odori d’Anima

Once upon a time there was good Volcano
Once upon a time there was curious red-haired woman too
She felt the voice of Volcano
In the middle of the sea
So far from everything, yet so close to the center of the planet
Volcano is called IDDU
As it is is like a God
Iddu decides your day
The passionate woman was searching and looking as many people do
But this time she was particularly looking for something new
And when IDDU was coughing with lava, shaking, erupting – she decided

Now I will start to make perfumes. And I will call them ODORI D’ANIMA/SCENTS OF THE SOUL
Now I can see my life going back
As kid I was not playing just dolls, I was playing with empty bottles, flowers, perfumes drops
Mixing, smelling, looking and finding out.
So now I will burn my past and I will restart my life as Iddu does every day, every second.
Alfa: my new beginning
Omega: I have closed the circle
Id: Grazie to Iddu!

The Scents

Mendittorosa Odori d’Anima genderless scents are created with the genuine passion and love as results of deep personal research to arrive to you not just as stunning and amazing fragrances, but also precious tools and keys in your hands for your search in life.

The Trilogy

Alfa, Omega and Id – Because in opposities we find balance, they have been created not just to complement each other, but to complete the journey. Three very personal creations to mark the beginning- Alfa, the end – Omega, the eternal transformation – Id.

Time Without Time Extraits

Two new Extraits de Parfum. Shadows, vibing candles flames, moon stone, marbles… the olfactive memory of Archetipo. Perfumed blessing for your daily rituals, prayer whispering on your skin. Caring, wrapping balsam: Rituale. 

The Duo

North and South duo is the story of two opposites longing each other. The tale of two so different, yet complementing cultures: Scandinavian and Mediterranean, in their eternal dance of opposites and attractions.

The Talismans – Collezione Preziosa

Le Mat, Sogno Reale, Nettuno and Osang – four premium pure Extraits de Parfum, but also talismans, remedies and souls tracks. There are many way to search and discover… and Mendittorosa has chosen the scented path.

Our Lovers wall

(…) I utterly cannot wait to wear this all the time! I’m wearing it now, and I find it to be one of the most beautiful smells I have ever encountered. It’s nostalgic and comforting. It reminds me of a poignant and sentimental time from my youth (…)

Steven (New Jersey) about Alfa

I’m a fan of your art, you understand the feelings of people. This is a rare talent. It is wonderful! North. He reminds me of Elizabeth Gaskell novel, North and South. Aroma strong and noble. Citrus and pepper gradually gone, and my skin blossomed flowers, very delicate, jasmine clearly ahead … At the end was a tr true north – cedar and nutmeg. Aroma stunning, magical, enchanting.

Ludmilla (Moscow)

Package arrived today. Thank you SO much It is amazing and a very cherished piece of art. It will be a staple in my collection.

Bladi Duran (Vancouver) about Omega

I wore the lava stone on the street of Chicago. Two people stopped me and asked about it. They were amazed when I told them about Mendittorosa and they too thought the idea of a scented volcano stone pendent was great. I love Id. It is, among all your works that I have had the opportunity to try, the darkest. But is isn’t so extremely dark. If the complexity of your works can be reduced to colors, they won’t be super bright colors or super dark colors–nothing too extreme, which I think is what makes them all so unique and separates them from the mainstream ideas of perfume. Id is very sensual. It captures the depth of love found in suffocatingly minimalist films. Id is instantly lovely and likable and to me it’s just like this Shimamoto Shozo’s 1957 painting I saw in the Art Institute of Chicago. At last, I want to thank you for your amazing works. It is an honor to be able to enjoy them and to be able remember the past and dream of the future along with them.

Dan W (Chicago) about ID and lava pendant

Oh you are so nice and marvellous, thank you for chance to touch something really artisanal and magical!

Alexei (Moscow)

Liquid Gods

Olga (Sweden)
My wife and me love your fragrances – we’ve bought Le Mat in Prague last autumn. I hope we’ll enjoy new fragrance as well as Le Mat.
Dmitry , Vsevolozhsk (Russia)

You have white heart

Said (Rhiad)

Your fragrances are like heaven. They speak to any noise

Holger (Sweden)

” I received the samples… and i’m absolutely transfixed by these scents! Beautiful work.”

Marcos (Puerto Rico)

I didn’t expect these fragrances to be so incredibly good. That you for creating perfection. This is probably the first brand that has scent as wonderful as the packaging

Yana (Germany)

“ Nettuno What an amazing and kinetic fragrance! The development of the scent was unique and completely alive.”

Art and Olfaction Judging Commission

Got myself a second skin

Hanka Viola about Sogno Reale

”I’m wearing a piece of liquid art on my skin, that’s my biggest satisfaction”

Rene from Miami about Le Mat

“Le Mat is a very rare creature, a true masterpiece and one of the best perfumes ever made”

Clement from Paris
I just purchased Omega, I’m in love. Congratulations for creating such wonderful doors
Sniffup/ Instagram

I am really pleased with  Sogno Relae witch I aquired couple months back, along with the trilogy collection samples. They are all very simple, but really magical and warm in their own way.

Hatim, Netherlands

“Netunno” is clever, clean, deeply spiritual and comes in a flacon which is a true objet d’art. The flacons intriguing mosaic work shines and smiles back to you, so uplifting:)

Helen, Denmark

“The No. 1 fragrance that has ever kissed my skin. I am honored to wear this. How this fragrance was conceived is an incredible testament to how dreams come true.”

cologniano_d about Sogno Reale

Le Mat is sooo gooood, really well blended has this vintage twist great for my summer nights, it’s my favourite perfume now. Congratulations for this. And keep the wonderful job that you do.


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