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Talismans Power Drops



Whatever you believe in, it belongs to a unique and essential Faith: yours. No matter if the Heaven that protect you is the Sky or the Earth: let it be you the one and only sanctuary to keep the power of the entire Universe. Talismans is a collection of divine powers, creations made to be amulets able to take care and support your inner truth.

Sogno Reale to evident visions, Le Mat to trust the challenges of Destiny, Nettuno and Sirio as celestial mentors and, exclusively, OSANG to make miracles happens in your life.

In this set: 5 x 1.6 ml glass vials of Extraits de Parfum, Unisex, Sogno Reale, Le Mat, Nettuno, Sirio, OSANG

Each package is handmade and personalized. It includes some special extras: the original Le Mat Tarot Card, Sogno Reale Mandala, Nettuno “Neptune’s flight” poem and the new Eden Bookmark inspired by Sirio.

5 x 1,6ml
Online exclusive


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