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Mendittorosa Journey Drops



A set made for emotions’ explorers. Eight experiential stages through the motions of the Soul of the Mendittorosa creations. Journey that takes you away in time and space and brings you back with the memories of this chimerical trip.
Discover the Time without Time of Archetipo, celebrate the Rituale, soothe your thoughts with Lacura. Let your self go from North to South to find again the Alfa and the Omega up to your ID.

In this set you will find some little tracks left by the creator to accompany you and enrich your sensory journey.
In this set: 8 x 1.4 ml glass vials of Archetipo, Rituale, Lacura Extraits de Parfum, Alfa, Omega, ID, North and South Eaux de Parfum.
Each package is handmade and personalized: an exclusive idea just for you.

Please note: Pictures are for illustrative purposes only.

Set 8 x 1.6 ml
Online exclusive