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Mendittorosa Odori d’Anima

The Genesis of Mendittorosa Odori d’Anima (“Scents of the Soul”) lays within the active volcano of Stromboli where Stefania Squeglia found her inspiration and unconditional passion to create Mendittorosa and its spiritual scents where each fragrance has a specific meaning, strong vision, proper story, deep symbolic power and comes in the unique handcrafted packaging.

Unconditional passion

I changed my life for creating Mendittorosa Odori d’Anima. 
Mendittorosa Odori d’Anima is my way, my life, my real soul.
It is not necessary to talk here about past.
It’s time and place to talk about present.
This present as free point  from where to clean up the past and build the future.
This present made by my creations and my visions.
And the future made by the arriving ones.
This present is Mendittorosa Odori d’Anima: Trilogy, Duo and Talismans Collezione Preziosa.
Like a volcano. Where everything is on continuous renovation.
Actually I decided to open this magic chapter of my life when I was on a volcano which is still alive.
A black lava mountain 1000 meters above the sea and 2000 down.
My symbol. My musa. My amulet.  My Stromboli (n.d.r) My Iddu … 
I hope this pure energy will reach you now.
My perfumes exist to bring to you this and much more.


The Collection

Seven Mendittorosa creations in three Chapters

The Trilogy (Alfa, Omega, ID) EdP

Time Without Time Extraits: Rituale and Archetipo

The Duo: North and South EdP

And separate universe: four Talismans Collezione Preziosa – The Premium Collection of Extraits comprising of Le Mat, Sogno Reale, Nettuno and Osang.

Out of a desire for excellence, all products are the result of haute perfumery know -how combined with Italian craftsmanship.

Artistic Perfumery

Authenticity, originality, artistic packaging, production in small batches to ensure the highest quality of the products plus truly selective distribution represent the vision and core values of Mendittorosa Odori d’Anima. All fragrances are composed by renowned perfumers with the finest and rare raw materials  which are then macerated, filtered and bottled in Italy.

Unique packaging

Our unusual and distinguishing packaging confirms House’s identity and values. Handmade. Tailor made. Exclusively using living materials to give a body to my visions and dreams. No plastic. No glue. Natural wood. Raw ceramic. Raku. Mirrors. Metals. Stones.

Many Italian talents joined their forces to create the unique packaging for those equally unique scents. From Tuscany, from Rome, from Brianza, women and men who have gifted their hands, their talents, their time to decorate my bottles. Each different. Each unique. As everybody of us.

The wooden boxes

My boxes come from the art world: the miniature box is the exact, officially replica of the ones used by Tuscan artist Alessandro Reggioli to send his artworks all over the world. So my creations can travel safely in wooden cases to many parts of the world as a piece of art which they indeed are.

The caps and details

Caps, labels and detailed elements are hand forged by Italian artisans, or artists. Passionate and conscientious, they work on hundreds of pieces at a time. Shapes and textures vary according to the perfumes.

For the  Mendittorosa Trilogy – Alfa, Omega and Id, the caps relate to a stone from the Stromboli and have the form of a heart. Because to smell Mendittorosa Odori d’Anima, you have to open your heart…

For the Mendittorosa Duo – North and South, geographic symbols and coordinates are put together as an allegory to old maps. The wind rose on the caps evidently refers to the cold and warm strong winds that divide and join these two opposite poles.

For Talismans Le Mat, the caps are made of a handful of soil. Moulded by the hands of a Tuscan artist Alessandro Reggioli, each cap bears the artist’s fingerprints and therefore is unique.

For TalismansSogno Reale – cap inspired by sea urchin and handmade from Raku ceramics, again by Mr Reggioli. It can be treated as a symbolic crown as Sogno Reale is in a way the king of unconsciousness.

Talismans Nettuno comes from Luisa degli Specchi hands … she is an mirror mosaic artist …

And be ready for so much more…

Truly exclusive distribution

In line with its philosophy and vision, Mendittorosa Odori d’Anima has made the choice of a very exclusive distribution across the world. Mendittorosa scents are now available both online via our e-shop and from several prestigious department stores, concept stores and niche boutiques worldwide. Please contact us to receive more information about locations near you.

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