Unique character of Sogno Reale mesmerised niche writers all around the globe

“I find Sogno Reale amazing, a scent of sensual disturbance that thrills me each time I wear it. Stefania is a force of nature and her perfumes reflect her relentless curiosity of spirit and mirror the world around her in her own inimitable eccentric heartfelt style. Sogno Reale is gauzy, rich and weird, a scent of collisions and complements, coldly oceanic in places and yet cosy and pelty in others, an abstract leather facet so soft as to be almost a dream. A jewel of perfumery.”

The Silver Fox, UK – Sogno Reale in the  top list of 2015 launches


Sogno Reale is a striking and curious arrangement of effects that in all honesty should not really work or smell as beguiling as they do. (…) Stefania’s passionate dream made scenic reality is seriously expert juice, combining abstraction, ambition, olfactive imagination and a touch of madness. (…), , The Silver Fox, UK


“SOGNO REALE has the feeling of a waking dream full of seeming contradictions which somehow make sense when lost in the subconscious.”, Colognoisseur, USA.


“Nowadays, very few perfumes can make me say “I have never smelled anything like this before.” Well, SOGNO REALE sure can take home the prize of “Unusual Perfume of the Year.” “, Miguel Matos, Fragrantica


“Been guessing what notes were in the perfume the whole day and I was clueless. It smelled a little powdery, a little uplifting (aldehyde, maybe?), a little sweet, maybe a little floral, a little ancient, like there’s some mysterious mild-smelling herbs or resins stored in a jar an archaeologist had dug up from a tomb and decided it’s quite safe to consume. In other words, it’s very well blended, completely mysterious and alluring. (…)”, Victor Wong, Canada

“All in SOGNO REALE enchants me – the beautiful bottle, the mandala and the flawless execution of aroma, a dream come true in the best possible way.”, Perfume do Dia, Brasil